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1 coating consisting of a thin layer of superior wood glued to a base of inferior wood [syn: veneering]
2 an ornamental coating to a building [syn: facing] v : cover with veneer; "veneer the furniture to protect it"

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German furnieren, from Old French fournir 'furnish'.



  1. A thin decorative covering of fine wood applied to coarser wood or other material.
  2. An attractive appearance that covers or disguises true nature or feelings.


thin covering of fine wood
  • Danish: finér
  • Finnish: viilu
  • German: Furnier
  • Norwegian: finér
covering or disguising appearance
  • Finnish: julkisivu
  • German: Fassade
  • Norwegian: ferniss

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A veneer is a thin covering over another surface. More specifically, it may refer to:
  • Wood veneer, a term used in architecture and woodworking
  • Veneer, a single wythe of brick
  • Veneer (dentistry), a thin layer of dental restorative material
  • Veneer masonry, a layer of masonry such as bricks or stone used as building cladding and not imparting any structural strength to the wall
  • Stone veneer, manufactured stones
  • Veneer (album), José González's debut album

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